Just before the fall of mankind, humans were sending anyone who was willing to new colonies on alien worlds. Prior to being thrown into a completely alien environment, and using technology offered by the Altru, potential colonists underwent a series of trans-genetic treatments allowing the growth of new blood and oxygen filtering organs and making the colonists capable of surviving in conditions that would normally be lethal to average humans such as; extreme temperatures, intense gravity (or lack there of), various air born toxins, and prolonged exposure to low and medium levels of radiation.

The treatments also had a secondary effect, they encouraged rapid beneficial evolutionary changes so that in later generations adapting to such extremes would be no struggle at all. These treatments were commonly referred to as “Pioneer genetic modifications”

During the alien invasion, though the death rate among potential colonists was similar to the rest of humanity (ie: dying by the multitudes across the globe,) when the alien assault ceased, humans that had undergone some level of Pioneer modification obviously fared much better than those around them. They could eat and drink lethally radioactive food and water, they could live at high altitudes, near industreal waste toxic swamps, or under conditions impossible for unmodified humans. Many found their way to such areas to avoid the predation of the alien drones, and soon formed tribes.

Over the past two generations these tribes became more and more primitive, earning them the nickname “wilders” and the pioneer modifications had an unforseen side effect… They have seemingly lost the understanding of, or any ability to interact with technology.

The average wilder is taller and more broad shouldered than the average human standing between 6 and 7 feet tall, and weighing between 230-280 lbs.

What the typical survivor knows:

Wilders are large humans that have left technology behind and formed new native tribes living off the land. You can find a few isolated tribes around the last remaning water features of the wastland, and in the far north were forests still exist. Some can also be found acting as guides within nomad tribes or road gangs.


Pioneer Genetic Mods:
Vigor D8, must be taken at character generation. Character is immune to poisons and toxins, and radiation is treated as one level lower against them. Additionally the character gains +2 on any Vigor roll to resist environmental conditions such as extreme heat or cold or fatigue.

Vigor D8, Strength D8, Spirit D6, cannot have Smarts above D4, must have taken Pioneer Genetic Mods.
The character is a wilder as described above and gains one die step in survival, tracking, climbing, and knowledge: nature skills. Additionally they gain +2 when using primitive weapons, and their thrown/bow weapon ranges are increased by 30ft. Their rapidly evolved genetics also affords them +2 natural armor, +5 pace, and the inability to understand complex mechanics or technology (skills in such areas cannot be raised, and always remain as untrained)


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