The Meek


The Meek are a fanatical religious group of Alien, Wilder, Mutie and high technology hating survivors. They are led by a man/profit they call “The Redeemer” who resides somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.

Members of “The Meek” spread out across the country, engage in trade, and form enclaves searching for casches of high technology items.

They are identified by typically wearing very loose fitting hand sewn burlap monks robes with white painted crosses across the chest and back.

“The Simplification” is the name of the Profit’s great Jihad against technology and the “Irredeemed” (those who refuse to hear and join with The Meek)

Trade goods:
One member of a Meek band typically carries a fairly new looking and highly efficient water and food purifier. They are collapsible (about the size of a briefcase) but when opened are about the size of a large microwave oven. They run on diesel or alcohol poured in a receptacle behind the unit. Food, open canned goods or water containers can be placed inside and in less than 2 minutes, radiation and toxins are removed and drained into a waste container. No one is sure how exactly the devices work or where they came from. The Meek claim they are a gift from the great Redeemer himself.

These services are offered for free (or just for the cost of the fuel) in exchange for allowing the Meek to travel and reside where they wish. Additionally, the Meek trade purified food, water, alcohol, fuel, medical supplies, and medical aid in exchange for working or valuable un working high tech components.

You’ll find The Meek preaching and trading in just about every human settlement often with their own enclave just outside city limits.

GM permission must be given before a PC can take these edges.

Meek Testifier (background edge)
Veteran D8 Spirit, D6 Smarts, must take hinderence “Meek Fanatic”
+2 on any barter, appraisal, first aid, medicine, oratory, or persuasion test. May initiate a test of wills as a snake oil salesman. May be granted a purification unit, two Meek Crusader bodyguards, a vehicle of some sort, and other Meek equipment.

Meek Crusader (Background Edge) veteran D8 Spirit, D6 Vigor, D6 strength. Must have taken “bodyguard” background edge, and Meek Fanatic hinderence. A crusader’s fanaticism allows them a soak (spirit) roll to resist any Shaken result. +2 on perception, survival, drive, repair, and fast draw checks. Granted equipment common to Meek Crusaders.

Meek Convert (Background Edge)
Spirit D8 Smarts (no higher than) D4
Improvised weapon specialization.
You Have the Faith of a crusader, any shaken result can be ignored with a spirit roll, better yet you have Berserk 1 as an added edge, as when your on the side of the redeemer death is a reward and cowardice is unforgivable.

(side note: an old lady wild swinging away with a chainsaw is a nightmare with these…)

Hinderance “Meek Fanatic”
Character is completely devoted to following “The Redeemer” and his “Simplification” Jihad. They must collect any and all high tech components and return them to the great Redeemer, any high tech items too large to be transported must be destroyed. “The Irredeemed” must be converted or in time wiped out. Muties, Wilders, Alien hybrids and other impure abominations cannot be allowed to spread or reproduce their genetic filth.

The Meek

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