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Welcome to a Broken Future

What Is It?

Broken Future is a Savage Worlds Campaign using the Broken Earth and Deadlands Hell on Earth campaign rule books, a number of house rules (to make combat and vehicle combat slightly more simulationist) in a customized campaign setting which could be described as The Road Warrior meets Falling Skies.

What is world like? How did it get that way?

As spoken by Trader “Maximum Joe” to his Grandson “Digs”

“Digs: Grampa Max, my birthday book talks all about the history before the fall, Before the UCA. How did the world go sour?

“Maximum Joe”: Interesting you should ask boy, I member askin my granpap the same thing on the same birthday as you when he gave me the book. Talkin bout history, far as most are concerned, is almost a complete waste of time. For them that like ta hear the sound of their own words it’s a pastime of endless arguing and bickering about assumed facts very few people who are still breathing member, and fewer still who member em rightways. But there are some parts most don’t fret on.

In the early part of the 20th, everybody ate whatever they wanted whenever they wanted, even po folk got fat. When they worked (and they didnt work every day) they only worked bout half a day, and they was all good lookin with no burns, twists, or scars so they spent most their time havin lots and lots of babies.

Richers had the governments that ran everything for em, regular folks thought they had control and not the richers, but soon there was too many babies n too many people causing too many problems, then the food started runnin out and people started busting stuff up that was right at the beginnin of the 21st.

The richers got mad at that, They moved into those city domes like that ruin outside XXX that you can see from the tower. They formed the UCA, the United Corporate Alliance, and they and got rid of the most the governments and started doin things their own way. They rounded everybody up, and didnt let em have no more babies, showin em all who was really in charge. The time of everybody gettin fat, eatin what an when ya wanted was over. The UCA gave em pills to stop their baby makin, an just let a lot of the rest of em starve.

Then the UCA built a ship and richers started living on the moon or on mars an up there in space, then somebody else built a Doorgateizmo, when you opened it, it opened an Otherside, and an Otherside could be a different planet. That let people go back n forth to mars and other planets easy as walkin across the street, that was bout the mid 21st.

People was goin back n forth to places all over them stars, finding new planets with good stuff all over, an they found the first aliens. Big fuckin rinosaurillas called Entrogs, an they talked these ugly damn things into workin for us. Then we found more aliens, most wanted work, the ones that didnt or didnt like us none were smart enough to get out of the way of the UCA. Then in the last quarter of the 21st, the UCA got real lucky and found the Altru.

I doubt ya ever heard the word “altruist” in your old books, but if ya do it means one that likes helpin people and givin all their stuff away for free. I know… it’s damn crazy, but when ya got way too much stuff maybe ya get crazy like that. Anyway we coulden’t speak the way these things spoke and they started givin us all this stuff for free so we called em the Altru.

An the UCA with all these worker aliens an Altru worker robot builders n such were buildin stuff all over, and the doorgatethingies were openin up Othersides all over the galaxy, an it was fat time again, an we needed more people to send all out there so people started havin loads loads an loads of babies again, an everybody was really happy. But somebody wasnt so happy, them worker aliens n rinosaurilla fucks.

An this is the part where the biggest arguments turn into fights. right at the end of the 21st, all them humans and the Altru on them other planets, and all the stuff out in space were just gone. Then the sun exploded a load of shit that killed all the computers n mechanical stuff, then Othersides started openin up above cities all around the planet and big ass rocks movin really fast started slamming into every city an dome on the Earth. Just about every fat n happy bastard was dead.

you’d think that’d be enough, but then shit got really weird. The rocks stopped, and for no reason that nobody knows for sure, all the plants started growin really fast around the cities hit with the rocks, an in some places them plants wern’t from earth, and they brought other shit like thick fog that dont never go away, n big ass alien monsters. There was also aliens, and them oily zombie things they called clackers, and some people started to change and become muties or hybrids. It was the ultimate what the fuck.

That was some 60 years ago, most of this I heard from my pap and now I guess I’m tellin it to you. Them aliens never left, they still here and they still hate us, but why they ain’t wiped us all out yet I don’t know. What I do know is anybody that flips a big enough switch and uses too much power gets them aliens or the clackers to attack, and any town that gets too big an has too many people in it gets a rock or starts turnin mutant.

I see you got questions boy, but just hold yur tongue, I done spoke enough about all that shit and you still gotta scrub out them filters for we get supper goin, sides… Grampa Max needs a few swigs of the good stuff after a tellin like that. so get to it boy, an take them damn goggles off in the house, damn things give me a headache!

Welcome to Broken Future

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