GM information

GM Information

We plan on selecting 3-5 GMs to run weekly or bi-weekly games, these games will specifically tie-in to the event timeline, and the PCs actions will alter conditions for all players in the campaign. If necessary we may also invite other GMs to run non-plot orientated games (supply runs and exploration missions etc)

If your interested in being either type of GM Please contact the organizers here: Contact

When players contact GMs they should have a general idea of what they want to accomplish within a game session (or two) IE the area they wish to travel to and what they hope to achieve there. GMs will review the request and if time is available agree to schedule the game, if not suggest to the players another GM you believe who could facilitate the game.

GMs will notify the organizer of what areas they believe will PCs be traveling to, the organizers will offer specific suggestions as to what might be encountered in the area, and will open up that section of the map for the GM only. After the game, the GM will be required to submit information about the game in a timely manner (notable successes or failures, loot received, information gathered, NPCs contacted, how plot or timeline may have been advanced etc.) and the organizers will make adjustments to the map, locations, and town accordingly.

People who are successful GMs will also receive some minor gifts, store discounts or other benefits (such as a massage and blow job from Jay) from time to time. The organizers wish to keep our GMs happy and running.

Further, if a GM ever has a problem with an adventure, player, or the system itself the organizers will make themselves very available to the GMs for aid and advice (and in Jay’s case, various comforts)

GM information

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