Campaign Goals and Rules

Campaign Goals and Description:

Initially Broken Future will be a short run campaign (less than 6 months as of 3/22/15) for a single party of adventurers.

The goals of the short campaign will be to iron out specific setting rules, review Savage Worlds basic rules, fine tune house-rules, Establish the feel of the greater campaign, provide specific campaign details (NPCs and town history etc) and troubleshoot potential problems with the setting.

The greater campaign (likely to begin within 6-8 months as of 3/22/15) will run similar to a Western Marshes campaign, with multipule GM’s offering their time to schedule games.

If your unfamiliar with Western Marshe’s campaigns, here is a short breakdown on how the game will function.

This website will act as a hub for players and their characters, and contacting GMs. Specific characters will be entered on the website and open to review by GMs.

A timeline is kept for all GMs, some events on the timeline happen independently of PC actions, other events happen directly in response to actions taken by PCs.

The campaign will have a hex map that starts out as a single town and mostly un-explored territory. Over time, through their exploration, characters will have the opportunity to expand the general knowledge of the townsfolk and the map will be filled in accordingly. (it is a hex crawl) when players complete objectives and bring items or supplies back to the town, the town will grow and improve accordingly. (the town can be considered a different type of NPC as are the towns and groups around it have specific statistics and abilities, if a town is attacked and many die, the stats of the town will lower, if the PCs bring say a truckload of healthy skilled survivors and weapons to town, the stats will improve, etc)

Characters are expected to interact in the “bar” section of the forum with other characters, describing adventures, trading rumors and information. This will be a primary source of information about changes going on within the campaign world, and invaluable for Players who want to maximize the effectiveness of their activities.

Scheduling and Location of games
Players will need to contact other players and schedule available times, and locations on the calendar with the GMs to run games for them. Locations will typically be at a specific location as designated by the GM (such as a home or meting room at a restaurant) or at a weekly open location such as the gaming room at Captain Nemos.

It is important to note the players, not the GM will be responsible for gathering together parties and scheduling games. This should be done as much as possible in-character via the forums, or in person (in character) at gaming events.

Information specific for participants interested in acting as a GM is located here…
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Campaign Goals and Rules

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